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Factors that determine tile installation costs.

Types Of Tile

Slate tile backsplash in diagonal pattern with border
There are many types of tile available for your home remodeling project. Ceramic, Porcelain, Quarry and Stone tile just to name a few. Each of these comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and cost.

This post will touch on a few of the factors to consider and help you to understand the cost associated with tile installation.

For instance, a 12 in. x 12 inch Ceramic tile can be had for less than $1.00 each. The same size in Slate tile can be $4.00 and up. In Marble, expect to pay $10.00 and up!


Tile Patterns

Kitchen backsplash in subway pattern

There are also different patterns in which tile can be installed. Some are more labor intensive than others. The pattern you choose can affect the cost of your remodeling project. It can also affect the amount of material required for the job.

This kitchen backplash was done in the very popular Subway pattern.

This foyer was done in a Versailles pattern. Four different sizes of tile are required to create this style. Also known as a French Pattern, it is very popular for Travertine tile installation.

Tile Sizes

The different tiles all come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From tiny Mosaics to huge 18 x 18 tiles for floors. Each one has a different degree of difficulty with regard to installation.

A tile installer can cover one square foot of floor or wall when he or she lays a single 12 x 12 tile. To cover that same area with 4 x 4 tiles, 9 individual pieces of tile must be installed. Thus, the size of tile you choose can affect tile installation cost dramatically.

Decorative Tile Accents & Inlays

Custom inlays and borders can also add to your tile installation costs.

Besides the added labor, the material itself is more expensive than field tiles. Border tiles start at about $4.00 each and $10-$15.00 is very common. The same is true for decorative inlay tiles. Some tile inlays are as much as $100.00 each!

On a positive note, a few well placed deco tiles will certainly make your floor, backsplash or shower walls stand out from the crowd!
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