Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bathroom Vanities

How the cost of a vanity can affect your remodel budget.

This 36 inch vanity is only $169.00.
The vanity will be one of the main focal points in your bathroom design. As is the case with all home improvement products these days, there is a huge selection of styles and types to choose from. The bathroom vanity you select can affect the cost of a bathroom remodel by $1,000 or more!

In today’s post we will explore the different types of bath vanities available when planning your bath remodel budget.




Custom Made Vanities

This 36 inch vanity is over $2,000.
A local cabinet shop can custom build your vanity from any material in any style you choose.  Prices can range from $100 to $400 and more per linear foot depending on where you live and the type of vanity you choose. Custom doesn't aways mean the most expensive. The vanity shown here is a pre-finished unit from Kohler and retails for over $2,000! A local cabinet shop could build it for much less.
Custom built cabinets typically come unfinished, requiring contractors and do-it-yourself-remodelers to either paint or stain the unit themselves. Most custom cabinet builders use high quality materials and build with expert craftsmanship. The result is a bathroom vanity that will last for years and years to come.

In addition to applying the finish, you will also need a vanity countertop. Again, there is a huge selection available at a wide range of cost. Laminate is the least expensive. Cultured marble is next. Granite is the popular choice these days. Simple granite countertops are available at home improvement stores for as little as $200 in a standard 36 inch size. Custom granite shops provide much higher quality and larger selections from around $300 and up.


Pre-finished Vanities

Some cabinet shops will finish a custom vanity for you as well as install it. Home improvement stores offer a wide variety of pre-finished vanities at varying cost and quality. When buying at home improvement stores, make sure the vanity you select is durable enough for your needs. The pre-finished vanity shown here is only $231 and includes a simple marble top.
When it comes to quality, always remember: You get what you pay for!


Bathroom Vanity Combos

You can also purchase a complete bathroom vanity combo that includes both cabinet and countertop. Again, there is a huge range in cost and quality. The typical 36 inch bath vanity combo can be as low as $200 and as high as $1500. The one shown here is about $1,000.

Planning A Bath Remodel Budget

As you can see, the type of vanity you choose can have a huge impact on the cost of bathroom remodeling. The best advice is to decide on an overall budget and design a bathroom to fit that number. When asking remodeling contractors for estimates, make sure all of the bids include identical quality components. The lowest bid you get may be utilizing the lowest quality vanity!  If you’re doing the work yourself, make sure you don’t spend so much on one item that you don’t have enough money left to complete the rest of the bathroom remodel.

If you're in the greater Nashville area, call Randy Armstrong Construction & Remodeling for a FREE estimate and Design Consultation. 615-443-1629. We would welcome the opportunity to help you design a beautiful new bathroom that fits your remodeling budget.


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