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Factors that determine tile installation costs.

Types Of Tile

Slate tile backsplash in diagonal pattern with border
There are many types of tile available for your home remodeling project. Ceramic, Porcelain, Quarry and Stone tile just to name a few. Each of these comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and cost.

This post will touch on a few of the factors to consider and help you to understand the cost associated with tile installation.

For instance, a 12 in. x 12 inch Ceramic tile can be had for less than $1.00 each. The same size in Slate tile can be $4.00 and up. In Marble, expect to pay $10.00 and up!


Tile Patterns

Kitchen backsplash in subway pattern

There are also different patterns in which tile can be installed. Some are more labor intensive than others. The pattern you choose can affect the cost of your remodeling project. It can also affect the amount of material required for the job.

This kitchen backplash was done in the very popular Subway pattern.

This foyer was done in a Versailles pattern. Four different sizes of tile are required to create this style. Also known as a French Pattern, it is very popular for Travertine tile installation.

Tile Sizes

The different tiles all come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From tiny Mosaics to huge 18 x 18 tiles for floors. Each one has a different degree of difficulty with regard to installation.

A tile installer can cover one square foot of floor or wall when he or she lays a single 12 x 12 tile. To cover that same area with 4 x 4 tiles, 9 individual pieces of tile must be installed. Thus, the size of tile you choose can affect tile installation cost dramatically.

Decorative Tile Accents & Inlays

Custom inlays and borders can also add to your tile installation costs.

Besides the added labor, the material itself is more expensive than field tiles. Border tiles start at about $4.00 each and $10-$15.00 is very common. The same is true for decorative inlay tiles. Some tile inlays are as much as $100.00 each!

On a positive note, a few well placed deco tiles will certainly make your floor, backsplash or shower walls stand out from the crowd!
If you're planning a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel in the greater Nashville area, Call Randy Armstrong Construction for a FREE estimate and Design Consultation. 615-443-1629. Let us help you create a unique and eye catching tile design to fit your budget!

Bathroom Vanities

How the cost of a vanity can affect your remodel budget.

This 36 inch vanity is only $169.00.
The vanity will be one of the main focal points in your bathroom design. As is the case with all home improvement products these days, there is a huge selection of styles and types to choose from. The bathroom vanity you select can affect the cost of a bathroom remodel by $1,000 or more!

In today’s post we will explore the different types of bath vanities available when planning your bath remodel budget.




Custom Made Vanities

This 36 inch vanity is over $2,000.
A local cabinet shop can custom build your vanity from any material in any style you choose.  Prices can range from $100 to $400 and more per linear foot depending on where you live and the type of vanity you choose. Custom doesn't aways mean the most expensive. The vanity shown here is a pre-finished unit from Kohler and retails for over $2,000! A local cabinet shop could build it for much less.
Custom built cabinets typically come unfinished, requiring contractors and do-it-yourself-remodelers to either paint or stain the unit themselves. Most custom cabinet builders use high quality materials and build with expert craftsmanship. The result is a bathroom vanity that will last for years and years to come.

In addition to applying the finish, you will also need a vanity countertop. Again, there is a huge selection available at a wide range of cost. Laminate is the least expensive. Cultured marble is next. Granite is the popular choice these days. Simple granite countertops are available at home improvement stores for as little as $200 in a standard 36 inch size. Custom granite shops provide much higher quality and larger selections from around $300 and up.


Pre-finished Vanities

Some cabinet shops will finish a custom vanity for you as well as install it. Home improvement stores offer a wide variety of pre-finished vanities at varying cost and quality. When buying at home improvement stores, make sure the vanity you select is durable enough for your needs. The pre-finished vanity shown here is only $231 and includes a simple marble top.
When it comes to quality, always remember: You get what you pay for!


Bathroom Vanity Combos

You can also purchase a complete bathroom vanity combo that includes both cabinet and countertop. Again, there is a huge range in cost and quality. The typical 36 inch bath vanity combo can be as low as $200 and as high as $1500. The one shown here is about $1,000.

Planning A Bath Remodel Budget

As you can see, the type of vanity you choose can have a huge impact on the cost of bathroom remodeling. The best advice is to decide on an overall budget and design a bathroom to fit that number. When asking remodeling contractors for estimates, make sure all of the bids include identical quality components. The lowest bid you get may be utilizing the lowest quality vanity!  If you’re doing the work yourself, make sure you don’t spend so much on one item that you don’t have enough money left to complete the rest of the bathroom remodel.

If you're in the greater Nashville area, call Randy Armstrong Construction & Remodeling for a FREE estimate and Design Consultation. 615-443-1629. We would welcome the opportunity to help you design a beautiful new bathroom that fits your remodeling budget.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Curves Are Sexy

Dress Up Your Home's Drywall

The easiest way to create beautiful doorway arches!

Who can deny the fact that curves are sexy! Who hasn’t marveled at arched door openings and radius corner walls and wondered how it was done?

Let me tell you from experience, until recently it was not an easy task! I used to cringe when someone asked for curved corners.

First of all, it required difficult framing. Then it required scoring the back of each piece of drywall to help it bend. Often it required using two different thicknesses of drywall, one over the other, to achieve the desired result. I must admit, the end result looked fantastic but it was a tedious and time consuming task to get there.
Fortunately, thanks to the ingenious folks at Fulcrum Composites, Inc., it’s now a piece of cake! They have developed unique products that allow contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike to create beautiful curved surfaces, quickly and easily! And best of all, these products are Made in the USA!


High-end architectural details at a fraction of the cost!

·        Installs and finishes like drywall

·        No extra framing

·        No need to bend drywall

·        Available in 30” or 36” openings

·        No waste, no scrap

Fulcrum Composites, Inc. is located at 1407 E. Grove St., Midland, MI 48640. They can be reached by phone at 989-636-1025. Visit the website at

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Bedroom Ideas

Remodeling and Room Design

Inspiration for your bedroom makeover project!

When the busy day finally comes to an end, the bedroom is where we retreat. This is where we should be able to relax and begin to rejuvenate ourselves.

In this post we will touch on a few things you might want to consider when planning a bedroom makeover or bedroom remodel project.

Basic Principles Of Design

  • Comfort The bed is the main element in the room. Your floor plan should allow for easy access to and around the bed. If you like fresh air, position your bed near a window. If your sleep is disturbed by light, install room-darkening shades or blinds. Comfort should be top priority in any bedroom design.

  • Storage  Our clothes and personal items are all stored in the bedroom. Organized storage is another design essential. I believe every closet should be outfitted with a closet organizer system. If you're short on closet space, consider an armoire or tall cabinet for extra storage.

  • Adaptability  In children's rooms, remember your design will need to change as the child grows. Time flys and they'll soon grow tired of a Pete the Cat wall mural. Use colorful framed prints or other wall decor instead. I once remodeled a kid's room that had a Lion King mural. I'm sure the parents paid a lot to have it done. But to make it go away took 3 coats of Kilz primer and 2 coats of paint!

  • Lighting  A variety of lighting options is desirable in a bedroom design. Table and floor lamps are great for reading. Overhead lights can be connected to a dimmer switch to set the mood. Many people like a ceiling fan for the bedroom and most ceiling fans have lights. Provide enough interior lighting to make the room as versatile as possible. Check out for an unlimited selection of quality lighting options. At this writing, they are offering 10% off their already low prices for Craftmade ceiling fans. Use coupon code: CRAFTGROUP

  • Privacy  If a bedroom is shared, by siblings or spouses, there needs to be some sort of personal space for each person. This can be as simple as a chest of drawers or a shelf for personal items. Closet storage systems are another great way to organize and provide personal space.

Bedroom Design Styles

Old World style bedroom with faux wood beams, iron chandelier and matching sconces. You'll find a huge selection of unique sconces at

Eclectic bedroom by designer David Bromstad. The chandelier gives the space a feminine feel. Notice the wardrobe doors are stained but the bathroom door is painted! There are some awesome deals to be found at Anna's Linens on curtains, pillows and linens of course! Check them out! You'll be amazed at the pricing.

Cottage style bedroom with whitewashed pine paneling on the walls and ceiling. Need new bed linens? Here is the BEST deal anywhere. Any Size Bed In A Bag $29.99!

Contemporary bedroom of Japanese influence. The large faux wall has built-in candle niches. Candles are a romantic touch for any room in the house.

Choosing A Paint Color

I've noticed that greens and browns seem to be very popular lately. They both create a feeling of warmth and make the bedroom feel cozy. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on your paint color:
  • Blue is said to be calming.
  • Green, Light Brown & Gray are serene and soothing.
  • Red & Orange promote excitement.
  • Purple promotes creativity.
  • Use premium grade paint! I recommend Porter Paint and Sherwin Williams.

Whether your design requires crown moulding, faux beams, interior painting or a closet storage system, call Randy Armstrong Construction & Remodeling for a FREE estimate and design consultation. 615-443-1629


Foyers & Entryways


The foyer, or entryway, whichever you like to call it, is the first room seen when entering your home. The foyer sets the tone for the rest of the house. This is a space that requires ingenuity and imagination. Most of us enter our home through the garage door however, our guests do not. Read on to find out how to make a good first impression and invite good fortune into your abode.

Foyer Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient practice passed down through the ages of Chinese culture. It is a belief that everything has a quality of energy or “chi”.  Our homes are a compilation of the energy provided by the things within them. When a home or apartment has good energy flowing through the main entrance, the people who live there will have a higher level of well-being.

Design Basics:

·        If your foyer has room for furniture, place it carefully. Don’t let it obstruct stairs or doorways.

·        A mirror is a must in the foyer but don’t face it toward the door or you’ll reflect all of the positive energy out!

·       Foyers should appear spacious, well lit and inviting to breathe energy into the home.

·        A mirror expands the space and brings in beneficial light. It’s also a last checkpoint before leaving home!

·        Keep your entry free of clutter. The entrance is your home’s threshold of luck and prosperity. Let it flow!

 Many home entryways don’t have space for furniture. If yours does you’re in luck! A console table is an excellent way to provide storage for keys, gloves, mail and the like. It’s also a great place to create a display that tells visitors something about yourself and what’s to come.

To keep the entrance free of clutter, provide an umbrella stand, coat rack, hat hooks, or even a basket to hold shoes and other items.

A colorful rug is an inviting home decorating accessory, but don’t get anything too expensive since guests will inevitably wipe their feet on it. You'll find some great deals on rugs and more unique home decor here.

Does your foyer design require a hardwood floor, tile floor, or a new entry door? Call Randy Armstrong Construction & Remodeling. 615-443-1629. We can help you bring all of your home decorating ideas to reality!



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About Interior Design



What is interior design?

I like to think of interior design as an artistic process to personalize your home. Everyone has their own distinct personality traits and preferences.  In order to create a home we’ll be happy with, we need to identify those individual traits and use them to influence our home and décor. A room design that reflects your personality will ultimately result in a space where you will be comfortable.

This post is for the do-it-yourself interior designer. As a remodeling contractor in Nashville, TN, I have worked with many professional interior decorating designers.  My goal here is to share what I have learned with you. So here we go!

Decorating Tips

·         Work with what you have! Start with the items you truly love and find other home décor accessories to compliment them.

·         Don’t design a room overnight. Home decorating should be fun. Half the fun is hunting for and finding the perfect interior decoration.

·         You don’t need to spend a lot of money! Visit thrift stores and yard sales for great deals on home décor accessories. A ten dollar quart of paint can turn a ten dollar piece of thrift store furniture into the focal point of your room design.

·         Get creative, use your imagination and personalize your home!


How To Interior Design

Professional interior designers use many of the same techniques that we are outlining in this post. By defining the client’s personal traits and lifestyle, the interior decorator creates a design to reflect those influences. It's sort of like shopping for clothes! What's your style?

Styles of home décor and interior design. Which one best suits your personality?


This is the classic decorating style. It incorporates a sense of history and styles that have evolved over the years. Fine antiques, rich dark wood, floral prints and crystal are common in the traditional style. Dining rooms are formal affairs with chandeliers and the like.


This is the clean, sleek and modern look. Bold colors, well defined lines, lighting and accessories are common to this style. Instead of rich, dark wood its chrome and glass here. Graphic art adorns the walls instead of classic prints. The opposite of Traditional!


Call this one the adventurous style. Colors, patterns, and home décor accessories from around the world can be found in this home decorating style. Old wood furniture painted in a pop color, textured fabrics, pottery and art add lots of character to this popular interior design.


Considered to be a feminine style, this interior design may include pastel colors and delicate prints. Fresh flowers, framed photos and family mementos serve as decorating accessories. Bedrooms in this interior design are also very feminine with lush curtains, lots of pillows and linens.


Quiet comfort and harmony is the basis for this style of home decorating. No bright colors or strong contrasts here. Instead, color choices are light and neutral. Understated arrangements, live plants and candles create this less-is-more take on home decorating.

Do any of the above sound like you? Hopefully this post will help you define your personal style and put you on track toward a successful interior design and decoration. Watch for upcoming posts as we take you through the home room by room with more decorating and design ideas.

Does your room design require any remodeling? Call Randy Armstrong Construction & Remodeling at 615-443-1629! We can help you with any interior decorating project!

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Home Office Ideas


Finding Space For A Home Office

Corner office in finished basement.
More and more people are working from home these days. To work from home efficiently requires a functional and comfortable home office space. Unfortunately, most of us simply don’t have the room to spare. Today we are posting a few ideas that, hopefully, will help you to design your perfect work from home environment.

 The Closet Office

If you're short on space, a wardrobe closet is an ideal place to create a small home office. Even the closet doors can be utilized as storage areas for office supplies and files as seen in the photo below. The office chair fits neatly under the desk at closing time!
Small home office in wardrobe closet.
Small office in spare bedroom closet.
A small office desk, shelving and a new desk top computer turned this closet into an effecient work at home space. The laminate flooring is from

 Armoire Office

If you can’t spare a closet, an armoire is another creative way to have a home office space.
Home office in painted armoire.

Corner Office

Perhaps the largest room in your home or apartment can donate a corner. Trade the king size bed for a full or queen size and your master bedroom might have some potential home office space! Be creative with your office design!
Here's a tip: A glass top office desk creates an illusion of more space.
Corner office with glass desk.

In the living room, lamps on end tables take up a lot of floor area. Opt for space saving floor lamps instead, perhaps a smaller couch, and get rid of the love seat all together. Voila! Now you have room for a cool and contemporary home office!
Contemporary home office in corner.

Butler's Pantry Office

Some homes have an area known as a butler's pantry between the kitchen and dining rooms. Another great spot for a functional, small home office! The one pictured here has ample space for a small color TV, laptop computer, office files, cell phone chargers and plenty of home office accessories.


Basement Office

This basement office also serves as a guest bedroom. The couch folds out to make a bed. The built-in book shelves provide plenty of storage for books and office files as well as great a display area for mementos and decorating accessories.



Patio Office

If you need a larger office space, a patio area can be closed in to create a spacious work from home and business meeting area. The french doors bring in lots of natural light and beautiful outdoor views! The pastel green walls and live house plants continue to bring the outdoors in. The result is a serene and satisfying home office design.


Garage Office

This home office was built in the garage! Baseboard heaters keep it cozy in winter and a wall mounted air conditioner cools it during the summer months. Laminate flooring was installed along with cabinets, shelving and counter-tops. Add an office chair, laptop and printer and you're in business!
Need help planning your home office design? Randy Armstrong Construction & Remodeling can help you with all of your work from home needs. Call us today for a FREE estimate and home office design consultation. 615-443-1629

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