Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bedroom Ideas

Remodeling and Room Design

Inspiration for your bedroom makeover project!

When the busy day finally comes to an end, the bedroom is where we retreat. This is where we should be able to relax and begin to rejuvenate ourselves.

In this post we will touch on a few things you might want to consider when planning a bedroom makeover or bedroom remodel project.

Basic Principles Of Design

  • Comfort The bed is the main element in the room. Your floor plan should allow for easy access to and around the bed. If you like fresh air, position your bed near a window. If your sleep is disturbed by light, install room-darkening shades or blinds. Comfort should be top priority in any bedroom design.

  • Storage  Our clothes and personal items are all stored in the bedroom. Organized storage is another design essential. I believe every closet should be outfitted with a closet organizer system. If you're short on closet space, consider an armoire or tall cabinet for extra storage.

  • Adaptability  In children's rooms, remember your design will need to change as the child grows. Time flys and they'll soon grow tired of a Pete the Cat wall mural. Use colorful framed prints or other wall decor instead. I once remodeled a kid's room that had a Lion King mural. I'm sure the parents paid a lot to have it done. But to make it go away took 3 coats of Kilz primer and 2 coats of paint!

  • Lighting  A variety of lighting options is desirable in a bedroom design. Table and floor lamps are great for reading. Overhead lights can be connected to a dimmer switch to set the mood. Many people like a ceiling fan for the bedroom and most ceiling fans have lights. Provide enough interior lighting to make the room as versatile as possible. Check out Build.com for an unlimited selection of quality lighting options. At this writing, they are offering 10% off their already low prices for Craftmade ceiling fans. Use coupon code: CRAFTGROUP

  • Privacy  If a bedroom is shared, by siblings or spouses, there needs to be some sort of personal space for each person. This can be as simple as a chest of drawers or a shelf for personal items. Closet storage systems are another great way to organize and provide personal space.

Bedroom Design Styles

Old World style bedroom with faux wood beams, iron chandelier and matching sconces. You'll find a huge selection of unique sconces at Build.com.

Eclectic bedroom by designer David Bromstad. The chandelier gives the space a feminine feel. Notice the wardrobe doors are stained but the bathroom door is painted! There are some awesome deals to be found at Anna's Linens on curtains, pillows and linens of course! Check them out! You'll be amazed at the pricing.

Cottage style bedroom with whitewashed pine paneling on the walls and ceiling. Need new bed linens? Here is the BEST deal anywhere. Any Size Bed In A Bag $29.99!

Contemporary bedroom of Japanese influence. The large faux wall has built-in candle niches. Candles are a romantic touch for any room in the house.

Choosing A Paint Color

I've noticed that greens and browns seem to be very popular lately. They both create a feeling of warmth and make the bedroom feel cozy. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on your paint color:
  • Blue is said to be calming.
  • Green, Light Brown & Gray are serene and soothing.
  • Red & Orange promote excitement.
  • Purple promotes creativity.
  • Use premium grade paint! I recommend Porter Paint and Sherwin Williams.

Whether your design requires crown moulding, faux beams, interior painting or a closet storage system, call Randy Armstrong Construction & Remodeling for a FREE estimate and design consultation. 615-443-1629


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